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Madth Productions began as a hobby. A way to cope with the stresses and struggles of 2020... But it quickly evolved into something far more important. On my journey from DM, to Miniature Painter, to Playset Crafter, and now Battlemap Maker, there has always been one constant-
Every community I've come across has welcomed me with love, kindness, and a genuine desire to help.
From the Goblins of Mordor, to Quokka Brain Crafting. Places like The Games Tavern, and Mighty Lancer Games. I don't know if those people will ever see this, but this exists because of them.
Madth Productions stands for the belief that every dream can be accomplished.
All it takes is a great deal of love, some friends to help you out, and a little pinch of MAD THinking.


#ClydeIsHere 03.19.2021

Madth Productions First Official Kickstarter

130+ Battlemaps, Custom Miniature,  Painted Miniatures, Painted by the Goblin King and Tharivol the Enabler, and more! Pledge support of as little as $1 and receive incredible rewards! Campaign is Now Active!


Merchandise and Apparel

Bags, Cups, Mousepads, Shirts, Hoodies, and more!


About Madth Productions

This all started because I found my way to Michael Mordor, Goblin King of the Goblins of Mordor... and my life was changed. And we are still only getting started...

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Madth Productions Sponsored Miniature Painter

The Goblin King, Michael Mordor


Madth Productions Sponsored Miniature Painter

Tharivol's Fictions and Fantasies, Tim


Official 3D Sculptor for Madth Productions

Morgan Casey


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